Human Resources Apps

Automate your recruiting, payroll, benefits, employee management and more with Human Resources Apps for Leverice.

Every business process begins and ends with some form of team communication. Make the most of Leverice with apps that streamline your HR processes directly inside your team’s messaging platform, without the need for external services.

  • Recruiting
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Payroll Helpdesk

Supercharge your recruiting processes with the Recruiting app, which includes everything you need to build a great team.

Employee Onboarding

Give new hires an easy and structured way to hit the ground running, and make sure their managers can quickly track what needs to be done to support them. Try the Employee Onboarding app.

Payroll Helpdesk

Track and manage payroll questions directly inside Leverice with the Payroll Helpdesk app.

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