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Deep-threaded, structured messaging platform that unifies messaging, collaboration and business processes.

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A structured messaging platform built around topical discussion that drives highly engaged and productive teams.

Leverice has structuring at its core, offering true multi-dimensional messaging and collaboration to keep things focused.

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After every distraction, refocusing on a task can take an average 25 minutes. Teams lose time in channels that are 90% chatter, just so they don’t miss the 10% of info that’s essential.

Leverice helps to filter out the noise.

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Divert unrelated messages into new channels, ensuring that channel feeds stay focused and each discussion stays in its own lane.

Choose which teammates to engage with the new channel, minimizing distraction for others.

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Remote Teams

Remote work is the new normal. Companies need strong remote work collaboration tools more than ever.

Leverice helps your team stay connected and improve productivity, no matter where you are

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So What is the Price?

Get full Leverice functionality absolutely free for the first month. Leverice believes in making effective team communications accessible for all. There is a special offer for educational organizations – a 50% discount.

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Platform Features


Structure team communications with limitless channel nesting and unlimited messaging history for free.

Route discussions into dedicated subchannels to keep everything neat and topical.

Cut the distance between team messaging and the subjects you message about. Drive your business processes with communications, all inside a productivity messaging platform.

Deep integrations with the services you use most.

Empower easy, asynchronous messaging that lets you and your team communicate at your own pace.

Unlimited messaging history for free.

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Leverice is Transforming the Way Teams Communicate

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Why Leverice?

Meet the Collaboration
Needs of a Changing Workplace



Leverice helps us coordinate a multinational team developing an advanced space project. The well-thought-of features, the intuitive workflow, and excellent support make Leverice our #1 communication platform.

Dr. Max Gulde
CEO | ConstellR


Our software development team actively uses about 40 different branches that in turn contain almost 250 channels. Thanks to the Leverice channel tree it all works great. There’s no way we could have managed that kind of structure in our old messenger.

Marina Reut
Project Manager | GP Solutions


We tried out several alternatives on the market, including a few popular messengers, but finally settled on Leverice for our team communications. Love the tab functionality!

Povilas Redko
CEO | Mediapark Group


We tried other team messengers but Leverice was the first that gave our communications the sort of focus and structure we were looking for.

David Markevitch
Of Counsel | Affeld Grivakes

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What Comes Next?… All of Your Apps

Our open app store ecosystem features rich native apps to automate and streamline your workflows, replacing heavyweight and costly external services.

Pick from our app store, or use in-app scripting to create your own. No additional tools or hosting concerns.

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Leverice is transforming the way teams communicate

Try Now. Increase your team productivity right now.