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Leverice is one of the best Slack alternatives for team communication. Find out why it’s better than Slack.

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Chaos in team communication, lack of structure

Slack has threads, channels, direct messages, apps. Even in a small organisation the navigation bar can get pretty overwhelming. Context gets lost in a matter of minutes.

Structured team communication

Leverice is an encrypted structured messaging application with a topic-based channel tree. You can create channels and dedicated subchannels to structure your team communication as the conversation evolves. Information remains neatly structured and easy to find.

Message history limits in free plan

Only the most recent 10,000 messages can be viewed and searched in the free plan, which most companies will soon reach.

Unlimited history is only available in paid-for plans

Unlimited messaging history for free

Leverice software gives unlimited access to all messages and file history for free forever! You can search your team’s conversation history to find relevant messages, files, channels and people.

5GB of storage space in free plan

On the free version of Slack, workspaces have up to 5GB of file storage available. Anything uploaded to a channel or a direct message counts towards this limit.

20GB storage space in free plan

Leverice service provides 20GB storage space in free plan. If you need more space in Leverice, you can purchase additional space from us:

  • 100GB- $2.49 per month
  • 200GB- $3.49 per month
  • 1TB- $11.49 per month

Slack doesn’t tell you if a message has been read or by whom

There is no opportunity to see if your, or someone else’s, message has been read. Unless they post a ‘reaction’ in which case you know they have at least seen it.

Leverice allows you to see who read your message and reacted to it

It is important to know if communications have been received or not. So in Leverice you can see who has read your message.

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