Leverice for Startups

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Leverice is the only deep-threaded, structured messaging platform that lets your startup focus on what matters.

It unifies team messaging, collaboration and business processes with native apps that drive workflows for your organization. Collaborate on code snippets in dedicated whiteboards, manage tasks with the Relays function, and engage only those teammates who need to be involved with any given topic at a given time.

The platform cuts through the chaos of team messaging, eliminates noise, keeps things organized and ensures that discussions stay focused and relevant.

Thinking about switching to Leverice? We will help you migrate to our platform.

Full functionality for free

Full team communication functionality for everyone absolutely free with no restrictions on the number of users or your team’s messaging history. Check our Pricing section.

Integrate Leverice

Use Leverice to organise your team’s crucial communications, or use our API to integrate Leverice’s innovative capability into your own product to offer enhanced functionality.

Structured team communication

Create unlimited channels and subchannels to structure your team communication. Information remains neatly structured, easy to find and conversations stay on topic.

Unlimited messaging history for free

Leverice gives unlimited access to all messages and files history, for free, forever. You can search your team’s conversation history to find relevant messages, files, channels, and people.

Third-party integrations

Leverice has deep integrations with the platforms you use most: Jira, GitHub & TeamCity. Implement your business process and workflows to suit your requirements.

Simple task management

Jira integration makes task management even easier. Delegate tasks with relay batons whilst chatting about the work that needs doing.

Open platform

Leverice is a fluid and flexible platform. This means we can help you tailor the platform to your business process and workflows.

Leverice is transforming the way teams communicate

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