Learn how to stay informed, share important messages, and leverage unique Leverice features to contribute to the workplace conversation.

  • Add teammates
  • Open new tabs
  • New team channels
  • One-on-one direct channel
  • New channels from selected messages
  • Meetings
  • Add a Whiteboard
  • Archive/unarchive dormant channels
  • Mute channels or entire branches
  • Move channels
  • Jira integration
  • Navigate channel tree
  • Sort channels
  • Mark as Favorite
Add teammates

Anyone missing from your Workspace? Bring in the whole team.

Open new tabs

Open new tabs to work with multiple channels at once.

New team channels

Set up a dedicated space for each Team.

One-on-one direct channel

Start a direct channel for private 1:1 discussions.

New channels from selected messages

Create channels from selected messages to manage chatflow.


Create a Meetings channel to streamline team meetings.

Add a Whiteboard

Add a Whiteboard for in-app collaboration with teammates.

Archive/unarchive dormant channels

Archive dormant channels to keep your channel tree clean. Come back to archived channels whenever you need to.

Mute channels or entire branches

Mute channels or entire branches to manage notifications.

Move channels

Move channels easily so your channel tree stays organized.

Jira integration

Set up Jira integration for in-app project management.

Navigate channel tree

Easily navigate using the channel location bar.

Sort channels

Sort channels by recent activity, alphabetically, or more.

Mark as Favorite

Mark channels as Favorites for easy reference.