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Leverice How-To Guide with feature tutorials
3:30 min
Create a delegation to loop in the right coworker in Leverice
0:43 sec
Navigate Leverice using the channel location bar
0:12 sec
Sort your Leverice channels by recent activity, alphabetically, or more
0:16 sec
Mark Leverice channels as Favorites for easy reference
0:20 sec
Setting up Jira integration inside Leverice
0:50 sec
Move channels to keep your Leverice channel tree structured and organized
0:16 sec
Mute channels/entire branches in your Leverice channel tree so you only get notifications you need
0:11 sec
Archive dormant channels to keep your Leverice channel tree clean and organized
0:19 sec
Add a whiteboard for realtime collaboration with teammates in Leverice
0:19 sec
Set up a Meetings channel to cover meetings with your teammates in Leverice
0:26 sec
Reroute messages into another Leverice channel to ensure discussions stick to where they belong
0:18 sec

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