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A successful sales team starts with enthusiasm, focus and great sales management software. From lead generation to forecasting and the hefty amounts of admin that comes with each new customer, there’s a huge number of processes and calls to make when it comes to sales team management.

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Using Leverice’s sales apps, your sales team can keep doing what they do best whether on the road, at the office, or working from home, while you track performance, productivity and conversion rates in a single system.

Our sales apps can be instantly and easily integrated into the Leverice’s messaging system, so that the sales workforce can keep communication with customers at the forefront of everything they do, even when they are on the move or covering for other members of the team. Managers can create simple and easy to follow lead generation playbooks for all new staff to follow and in turn improve productivity and efficiency of the team as a whole.

It’s also never been easier to track the performance of each member of the team, safely file documents which can be accessed by everyone and plan marketing for prospective customers.

Install Leverice’s Sales Apps to combine sales, workflow management and communication, all into a single program.


Leverice’s sales apps work to accelerate team performance, as well as the performance of each individual. With these reports, the team can work closely together to increase revenue and close deals.


Deliver exceptional customer service

Use the Leverice Outreach app to track and organize prospective customer engagement by creating sales playbooks with the push of a button. Shorten sales pipelines using automation to keep customers engaged every step of the way.

Offer new customers access to the help desk to help them find the information they need, without needing to contact you. Alternatively, use the help desk format to give new staff access to support while they learn the ropes. Add important information, useful links and FAQs so no matter where your staff are working from, they’ll always feel supported and comfortable in their roles.

The easy to use and set-up apps are built into the pre-existing Leverice messaging board, so there’s no need to have countless programs and platforms open at once. Packed with extremely customizable features, you’ll have full visibility into your sales activity, conversion rates and efficiency.


Find actionable insights

The Performance Dashboard will provide analytics for all things sales. From employee productivity, or forecasting revenue, the dashboard allows managers to keep track of customers, staff and efficiency all in one place. In turn, teams will see an improvement in employee productivity.

Use the dashboard to boost motivation for the team by creating a sales leaderboard. Nothing keeps staff focussed more than a bit of healthy competition.

Use the performance manager to prepare for appraisals, project reviews and team catch-ups by gaining actionable insights that can be plotted into a rep’s progression plan or project pipeline.


Gain customers like never before

Using the Outreach app to create automation within the team’s marketing will allow the team to stay focused on finding new customers and closing deals. Emails and contacting customers can be done automatically to encourage customer engagement. Managers can create lead generation playbooks so keeping customers engaged and interested is as easy as ABC.

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Leverice’s sales apps combine to help sales teams identify potential prospects, as well as simplifying selling processes and streamlining data entry. The best way to gain more customers is to shorten the sales process, reduce admin and get the team spending more time on revenue-generating activity. With Leverice, all of this is possible.


Analytics (Report)

Both managers and reps can track performance using the Analytics app. From team performance, revenue reporting, right down to the performance of individual team members, the reporting tool can help keep everyone focused on the business strategy and project goals all in one place.

From sales reporting and forecasting, to analyzing team performance and efficiency, managers can gain actionable insights and have full visibility over sales activities with the Analytics app from Leverice.

And it’s not just performance that’s tracked; the Analytics app can provide reports about your customers and keeps record of their demographic information. Using this, sales can work collaboratively with the marketing department to target customers with deals, discounts and advertising, best suited to their age, location and job.


  • Keep record of demographic information & create marketing for the right customers
  • Gather and analyze leads
  • Manage the entire sales pipeline
  • Monitor sales activity to ensure it is in line with forecasts
  • Add healthy competition to the workforce with a sales leaderboard
  • Sales reporting to help get a clear idea of performance and efficiency
  • Analyze team performance and improve employee productivity

Document Management

Safely file away past quotes, customer information and email attachments into the Document Management app. Using the Leverice app to store important documents allows all members of staff to access files at home, on the road or in the office. Reps often need to work remotely, so make sure the whole team has access to everything they need to close the deal.

By keeping documents in one place, you can avoid duplicating documents and double handling data. Ultimately reducing admin time and getting staff back to sales generation.


  • Safe and secure file management
  • Streamlined filing system to avoid double handling of data
  • Remote access to files and documentation
  • Organizing prospect and customer details
  • Reduce admin work

Project & Task Management

Using the Project & Task Management tools, managers can track the activities of the team on a regular basis to keep in line with forecasting predictions. Projects can be managed and viewed on the move by all members of the team, with different areas being assigned to sales reps for the best productivity.

Appointments, contact details and conversations can all be safely stored in the project file to keep the team on track for success. Reps can keep the rest of the team in the loop with their day to day activities by recording key details in the project file.


  • Record day-to-day activities
  • Automation
  • Contact and deal management
  • Keep track of pipelines, prospects, and customers
  • Lead & opportunity management
  • Accelerate team and personal performance

Finance Management

Sales is nothing without revenue, so keep track of company finances and rep commission with the Finance Management app. Analyze costs and find easier ways to close more deals and increase the bottom line.


Help Desk

Keep the focus on revenue generating activities by having a central help desk to deliver exceptional customer service.

The Help Desk App will ensure customers can find important information they’re looking for, while also allowing the sales team to take turns in answering questions and providing customer service that is second to none.


Payment Management

Similar to Finance Management, the Payment Management app will keep track of payments from customers and allow you to prioritize paid-for orders prior to those outstanding. By keeping track of which customers have paid or not, sales reps know who to call to chase payments.

With Leverice’s native sales management solution, you’ll find your team becomes more productive and efficient than ever. Never miss a prospective customer again with streamlined tracking, analytics and documentation management.

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