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A support team working in sync handles tasks efficiently with the use of the Leverice Customer Support App. It helps manage many communication channels, including email, chat, and messaging. Customer service professionals can easily convey responses to their customer base in a more accurate, helpful, and timely manner.

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Companies routinely use this software for more efficient customer support delivery by multiple customer service agents on the same platform. This customer service software supports this process directly inside Leverice’s team messaging platform, which helps reduce information overload.

Within the main app are sub-apps such as Knowledge Base for managing and synchronizing customer service replies, Ticketing for handling customer support ticket processes.


Providing exceptional customer service becomes a challenge when using an Excel spreadsheet to keep records of “sent emails” or using Outlook to respond. Invite your customers to the Leverice Customer Support App to overcome this challenge and enjoy the following benefits:


Saves your agents time

Speed is crucial when it comes to providing the best customer services. This solution enables you to upload previously written email support templates. Your agents save time since they don’t have to type the entire terms and conditions or repeat the same explanation to various customers.


Increase efficiency and productivity

Boost your customer service staff’s productivity. The team gets more time to prioritize other tasks instead of repeatedly answering the same questions with an almost similar answer. The app also creates a help desk ticket automatically for more accurate and efficient service.


Stronger collaboration

It offers a unified information database and a centralized workload view to boost your agents’ collaboration. They stay on the same page of different aspects of the company’s operations and avoid inconsistency that may confuse customers. Since this customer support software operates directly inside the team’s messaging platform, it is possible to seek advice on handling requests and inquiries.


Provide support with an automated system of notifications & assignments

It is impossible to manually solve every query or request immediately. With the Leverice Customer Support App, you can set up and automatically send responses for all the questions or complaints you receive to enhance customer relationship management.


Analyze team performance

A unified information database makes it possible to create customer service reports with just a few clicks. These reports show the trends and performance of your team; issues, queries, and suggestions are all well organized, scheduled, and categorized, which makes it much easier to spot improvement areas.

Other benefits that Leverice Customer Support software provides its users are:

  • Analyze and report the performance of the customer support department
  • Better asset management
  • Improve user engagement
  • Improving the training effectiveness of your support staff
  • Optimize your workflow through automation
  • Provide the highest level of customer service by routing customer requests with speed and accuracy
  • Reduce support queries through automated replies
  • Reduce the time required to resolve some frequent and common issues
  • Increased accountability by customer support staff

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Customer Support Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) sets up a relationship between the main app and its various sub-apps. The main app and sub-apps each have their database. It makes it easy to push changes from the main app to the following sub-apps:



Customer Relationship Management ERP helps both big and small businesses achieve a strong relationship with customers. It helps keep track of essential customer histories such as call logs and appointments by making it available alongside a list of your deals and emails all under one interface. It makes customer details easy to access with just a few clicks.



The Feedback tool helps businesses discover how users experience their services. It gives clients a chance to provide feedback directly through suggestions and reporting problems. The company can customize a series of short questions and ask for a satisfaction rating as well as a clear explanation from customers.



The Integration sub-app enables other independent apps to work together with the Leverice Customer Support App. It provides access to data and the functionalities of apps such as Jira, Zoom, Salesforce, and Twilio in a single user interface. By managing multiple applications, it is easier to complete numerous tasks.


Knowledge Base

The majority of customers find it more comfortable to find their answers in a company’s FAQs section. The Knowledge Base sub-app provides users with a place that includes a collection of questions, answers, and guides, and documentation related to a product or service. A customer support team can also have a private knowledge base to help them find solutions much faster.


Messaging App

Increase customer loyalty by ensuring your business is easy to contact with the messaging sub-app. It is a digital customer engagement strategy that offers a multitude of benefits such as image messaging, alternative to live one on one conversation, new message notifications, and increased privacy for improved communication.


Multi-channel management

Product managers use this app to analyze the what, when, where, who, and why of a business’s sales. They can improve customer experience and maximize sales by optimizing each selling channel. Selling of products is possible via multiple channels, examples, marketplaces like eBay, comparison shopping engines, and social media.



A help desk ticketing system automatically creates a ticket that documents all customer interactions and requests. Customer service staff find it easier to track complicated issues and resolve them.



Workflow automation can be done using keywords from queries and assigning them to specific agents. You can also personalize trigger-based actions for vital events that require the immediate attention of a particular support agent. It saves the support staff a lot of manual work and ensures rapid and better customer experience.


This ERP solution serves businesses to achieve impeccable customer service. It improves customer support interactions through the following features:


Analytics and Reporting

This solution is capable of pulling data from the customer database and processing it for trends, patterns, and other insights. It generates graphs and charts that make it easy to understand business intelligence.


Customization and Personalization

It allows front-end customization and personalization, which includes tables, tinkering fields, and the UI to match a company’s processes. Module interactions and rule-based outputs can also be customized using an open API.


Call Centre Management

This app offers this feature, which primarily focuses on providing customer service through voice calls.


Survey and Feedback

This feature enables team leaders to monitor the abilities of their support team to solve issues adequately. Customers can input their level of satisfaction using a provided multiple-choice questionnaire.


Self Service Portal

This option gives control to customers and reduces the support team’s burden by allowing clients to find answers from the FAQs section quickly.

Some other essential features that Leverice Customer Support App provide to its users are:

  • Real-time reporting of teams performance and collection of customer information
  • Resolve the customers’ questions or problems more rapidly
  • Review chat transcripts
  • Send files to customers and vice versa
  • Support team collaboration
  • It makes tracking of requests from customers easy
  • Virtual assistant
  • It provides a wide range of asynchronous communication channels
  • It is cloud-based
  • It provides a unified help desk

With Leverice’s native sales management solution, you’ll find your team becomes more productive and efficient than ever. Never miss a prospective customer again with streamlined tracking, analytics and documentation management.

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