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Every business process starts with some form of team communication. Discover a messaging-first platform that drives those processes, all in one place.

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Structure team communications with limitless channel nesting.

Route discussions into dedicated subchannels to keep everything neat and topical.

Cut the language barriers in your communication tool. Select the language of the Leverice interface for better user experience.

Сreate channels and communicate in many different languages, all in one place.

Cut the distance between team messaging and the subjects you message about. Drive your business processes with communications, all inside a productivity messaging platform.

Deep integrations with the services you use most: Jira, GitHub, TeamCity. Implement your business process and workflows to suit your requirements.

Empower easy, asynchronous messaging that lets you and your team communicate at your own pace.

Unlimited messaging history for free.

Selectively engage only those teammates you need for an in-app video meeting.

Pop-up whiteboards anywhere in the channel tree for instant realtime collaboration with selected teammates.

Surface high-priority messages and channels with an innovative priority matrix.

Keep your team communications neat and organized with an innovative channel tree.

Streamline management of multiple teams with unprecedented visibility and context.

Transform the way you work alongside your partners, suppliers, customers by moving conversations out of siloed email threads and into the same place, with a strong focus on privacy and security.

Carry on multiple conversations at once without jumping between different windows.

We love flexibility and freedom and have created a truly open and extendable platform, as one of our fundamental design choices. Take a look at our developer section to find out more.

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