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Use Leverice to help your business create what your customers need, faster. With our in-cloud product management software, your business can create visual roadmaps, consolidate customer feedback and keep everyone on the same page throughout the build process.

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Just like a physical product, some elements of software have to be built before the other parts can be, which makes roadmaps a crucial part of production planning for software development. At Leverice we understand this, which is why we’ve created our product management apps specifically for software development. Employees can quickly see what needs to be built next, whether changes have been made to the project plan and refer to feedback from customers and colleagues.

Your office should be as paperless as your software, so manage your digital transformation with the help of Leverice.

Leverice’s Software Development Apps



Facilitate faster and smarter data-driven decisions using the Analytics app to really understand what your users need: Collate product ideas and customer feedback into a single system to identify trends and patterns in the data. By understanding what your customers are looking for, you can update your roadmap to prioritize the right ideas for your business, based on what’s important to your users. That way, you can get the software they’re looking for, to them faster.

Within the Analytics app, you can also create segmentation to understand different audiences using your software, and what each segment requires.

Input data streams to keep updated on what your direct competitors are up to, so you can ensure any product or feature you’re about to launch will top the rest.


Customer Feedback

Never take your users for granted, and use their feedback to understand what your customers really want. Never miss another comment from customers, by consolidating all their feedback into one filing system: Integrate your Leverice apps with tools and sites such as Twitter and Facebook where your customers are likely to discuss your software. Then, assign each piece of feedback you receive to a feature idea in your project file. With in-app user engagement, you can get a clearer picture of what customers are looking for, and where the demand is.

Capture and organize issues regarding newly released features and quickly move this data into actions and tasks for staff.


Product Strategy & Road Mapping

Create stunning visual product strategy plans to share with managers and stakeholders. Using our pre-built templates, your team will be able to build vision boards, provide a SWOT analysis and define your strategy collaboratively from anywhere.

The app can help provide structure to your enterprise and allow teams to outline a product’s features and visualize how these link to the company’s objectives.

In downtime, employees can sort and filter product ideas and prioritize those best in line with the product strategy, and build beautiful roadmaps quickly to link with specific objectives. These roadmaps are stored in a centralized filing system so staff can refer to the product life cycle whenever they need to.

Say hello to higher productivity, greater visibility and simple project tracking.

All of this technology can be used in the office, at home or on the mobile app with real-time editing to accelerate delivery. It’s time to banish version control issues and work from a central document to track bugs and make improvements.


Project & Task Management

Make sure every part of the project is completed pre launch – from design to mockups, and marketing collateral – using the task management & planning app.

Help your team get the job done by creating workflow apps using the built-in customizable workflow templates to automate processes, projects and everyday work more productively.

Staff can access their own task list in the cloud so that they can work flexibly at home, while managers can assign tasks and subtasks based on current capacity and manage resources wisely to ensure tasks are completed on time.

Teams can create comment threads for tasks to update remote staff on any changes quickly and share notes on the go, rather than having to schedule calls or meetings.

Suddenly product launches are no longer a stressful situation; teams can reach deadlines and create work to the best of their abilities from anywhere.


Team Messaging & Collaboration

Remove the need for back & forth emailing and collaborate with real-time commenting and messages from office staff and remote workers.

Team members and other colleagues can comment, annotate and discuss roadmaps, calendars and features on the Team Messaging app in streamlined message boards specifically designed for each topic.

When meetings are required, use the in-app tools to host voice and video calls and connect with geographically dispersed teams.


User Onboarding

The Leverice User Onboarding app will quickly automate the admin processes required when hiring new staff, so that you can focus on what you do best. Onboarding users onto the cloud, managers can have flexible data access control while helping new staff to create goals, set reminders and track the time they spend on each project.



Bring transparency into work statuses and project expectations for stakeholders with the Presentation app. You can provide stakeholders with easy to understand reports with data drawn from the analytics, customer feedback and project task management apps. No matter where the team is, always keep managers in the loop with screen sharing and reports they can access at any time, anywhere.

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Leverice’s project management software for product development has everything your enterprise needs to boost productivity, create great products and set clear and visual roadmaps for everyone to follow.

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