Financial Management

The world of finance and budgeting is complex enough, without having to manage tons of different platforms, documents and processes. With Leverice’s financial management aps, businesses can streamline their systems into a single platform to accelerate financial closes with real-time visibility and improved productivity.

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Leverice offers several apps within their platform to benefit finance departments for both small businesses and global, corporate enterprises. Each app can be seamlessly integrated to work in line with other departmental apps such as Human Resources and Sales Management within the Leverice messaging platform.

The finance project management apps help accounts teams consolidate budgets, purchase orders and track spending automatically, while also providing them a localized document manager which is easy to use and can be accessed by all team members. This allows the team to avoid duplicating information, reduces admin such as data entry and filing and provides the team with all the documents they need for a task. Each app can be combined to create a full finance management solution for any business, big or small.



Manage spending

  • Leverice’s Accounts Payable management app will prioritize contracts, accounts and payments based on specific algorithms so that everyone is paid on time. This day to day ERP finance automation allows the team to stay focused on other projects while managing spending constantly.
  • Create a paperless system with the Expense Approval app to manage petty cash and small transactions. Staff from all departments can upload receipts and apply for expenses before set deadlines to keep expense management simple and on time.

Create budgets, easily review and manage finances

  • Use the Records computer app for purchase order management. Categorize transactions by department and use this to find easy ways to reduce costs and identify the organisation’s biggest outgoings.
  • Use the Budget app to keep track of incomings and outgoings as well as identifying easy ways to save money and curb spending in specific departments.
  • Pair this with the Forecast Feed for finance tracking to see what spending and transactions are looking like for the upcoming months.
  • Keep track of outgoings for different departments or projects. Make tracking budgets easier than ever in a simple, real-time report accessible to the whole team and CEOs.Move beyond spreadsheets and work directly in-cloud to allow for updating while on the go.
  • Drill down to individual transactions to find the deeper impact on the business.
  • Create reports both locally and globally to understand the business as a whole, no matter how large the enterprise is.

Work in Real Time

  • Move away from systems that update weekly or monthly and experience finance management with real time figures.
  • Manage budgets from anywhere. Leverice apps are cloud based, meaning no matter where the finance department is – on premise, at home or mobile – documents and budgets can be accessed easily and quickly.

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Accounts Payable Management

  • Leverice’s accounts payable app allows businesses to automate the processing and paying of invoices.
  • Keep the finance department compliant and improve control over productivity. The AP app will calculate discounts, process discrepancies and reduce the chance of errors in the data. By simplifying these processes, the accounts team can improve payment control and ensure nothing is paid twice – or worse – no bill is forgotten.
  • Provide more accurate statements at the end of each month by automatically retrieving bills and receipts from multiple spreadsheets within the cloud. Improve reconciliation and make year-end that little bit less of a headache.

Budget Management

Use real time data to manage budgets across the business. Leverice’s budget management app features a forecast feed to help staff predict and manage cash flow through the company, even those based at different locations across the globe.

Provide your accounts team with streamlined visibility of budgets and give them with the reporting facilities they need to control accounts, budgets and cash flow.

Create a dashboard for easy to understand insights into all transactions across different bank accounts and staff expenses.

Keep tabs on the forecasting report to ensure the company is on track to reach their margins.


Contract Management

Keep contracts ticking with contract management tools from Leverice. Create automation to ensure contracts are renewed and accounted for in budgets, so nothing is missed. Prioritize contracts of most importance so the team knows where to allocate resources first.


Expense Management

Go paperless and get compliant with the Expense Approval app. This simple app will provide different departments with everything they need to apply and record their expenses. Set deadlines and reminders for expense applications to avoid having to chase individual employees for their paperwork, and have approvals sent in line with payday.

You can also use the app to flag individuals with the highest expenses, and help line managers address issues and curb spending.


Invoice Management

The Invoices app creates a fast, structured dashboard to ensure payments are scheduled and invoices are sent on time. Process automation for invoicing and payments allows the team to focus on project management or other tasks and improves workflow.


Purchase Order Management

Automate procurement with the purchase order app. Keep preferred supplier details all in a single database and create a master file that can be accessed anywhere.

Avoid double handling of data by converting quotes and requests directly into purchase orders without the need for paper versions.

Set up email notifications to approve purchase orders on time, while easily filing away old POs for comparison in a single location.

With so many integrations available, your business can fully customize and streamline their accounts processes with Leverice.

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