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Business Management Software

Bridge the gap between team messaging and business workflows

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Drive your business forward by simply messaging.

Run work processes directly inside your team’s messaging, using native Leverice apps that cover marketing, finance, sales, HR, legal and more.


Structured business processes from the very start

With each in-app solution, you get a built-in business process for a unique need, as well as the ability to structure your workflows with up-to-date business rules.


Business structure with roles and positions

Each module has built-in business structuring, with roles and responsibilities that you can personalize for your team.


Clearly defined KPI

Each in-app module has channels with KPIs from segment experts to choose from. You can use the predefined KPIs or set your own.


Database with comprehensive change tracking

All changes and KPIs are saved to the database in real time. Use this information to automate your business processes: one finished task can be redirected to a corresponding teammate as a new one begins. Automate the data push to any destination using our API.


Each app can be customized for any business type

Change templates according to your needs, or dive deeper with in-app scripting and create in-app solutions tailored for your team.


Analytics of all business communications in one place

Track team vitals and statistics with an on-screen database that reduces information gaps and saves resources.


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Leverice Apps

Make positive changes to your post-pandemic learning process. Make online learning easier than ever for both students and lecturers with Leverice’s in-cloud Education software.


Automate your recruiting, payroll, benefits, employee management and more with Human Resources Apps for Leverice.


Deliver sales performance at every stage of the sales cycle with Leverice apps that manage pipeline, optimize workflow, prioritize tasks and more.


Whether you develop hardware or software, enjoy seamless management of product requirements and execution from concept to completion.


Streamline tasks like expensing and invoicing, and improve visibility into billable hours, purchase flows, payments, and more with these apps.


Drive engagement, optimize campaigns and double down on what works in your team’s marketing.


Use Leverice’s legal practice management apps to provide your firm with an in-cloud solution for intake management, document creation and workflow monitoring on the go or in the office.


Make your customers happy with rapid automation and structuring of support processes that keep your support team in sync.


Leverice is transforming the way teams communicate

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