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Every business process begins and ends with some form of team communication. Make the most of Leverice with apps that streamline your legal processes and case management directly inside your team’s messaging platform, without the need for external services.

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Our legal practice management software will help your firm keep matters structured and organized while also improving efficiency and ultimately boosting profitability.

Leverice’s Legal Software Apps

Let’s take a look at the types of apps Leverice can offer:


Advanced Reporting

Management can use advanced reporting to check on tasks that have been completed, are outstanding or nearing their deadline. With built-in analytics, peer review and healthy competition, boost productivity within your firm.

Review reports for individual members of the team, or think bigger and analyze the efficiency of departments or even different branches.

Monitor what and who needs to improve over a chosen time period in order to reach targets and close cases.

Running several reports at once will allow managers to cross reference intakes and leads in comparison to previous years and targets.


Case / Matter Management

Keep all the information for a single case in one central filing system. Create automated profiles to help keep tabs on tasks and projects outstanding.

Free your attorneys from admin work by making sure documents and reports are filed in a structured and organized way from day one. This effective case management solution will also increase efficiency from employee to employee – allowing other staff to pick up where their co-worker left off easily and quickly.

Team members can access the matter management system on the go. When travelling from client to client, keep the momentum of productivity up by reviewing other case files and matters through our in-cloud platform.

By using this paperless system, Leverice ensures your firm stays fully secure with no paper files to misplace or lose.

Through the case management software, attorneys can view the tasks assigned to them, record time and send invoice requests to accounts in just a few moments.

By integrating workflow automation, case and task management tools, the whole office can work paperlessly and collaboratively. Closing the office door no longer means the work has to stop; staff can access their workflow or case dashboards on the go or at home to finish tasks, reach deadlines and work around their own schedule and family engagements.

Each app can work together to create a full legal practice management solution to increase productivity and efficiency of the whole firm.


Workflow Automation

Keep tabs on open and closed matters, as well as time taken for each task. Use the in-app customizable workflow templates to keep everyone in the team on the same page. Workflow automation will allow the tasks and projects to be automatically assigned to the right people at the right time.


Email Management

Access your email, calendars and lines of query on the go with the in-cloud email management app. Refer to emails or keep mail in a central inbox for the whole team to access.

Emails are automatically filed/categorized to match the case or matter they’re referring to, which means less admin for the team and more focus on lead generation.


Time Keeping

Time is money. Keep track of how much you spend on each task with the Time Tracking app. By automatically tracking time, fees can be automatically turned into invoices at the end of the month so you don’t have to do it manually.


Document Assembly

Break down documents into a logical hierarchy using the Documents app to ensure quick and easy access to the documents you need, when you need them. The app will categorize and file away documents into case files that are structured in an easy-to-understand format.

With so many forms and documentation to fill in, Leverice can help your team create form and contract templates which can automatically be filled to reduce admin times and improve efficiency.

Share documents with your client for electronic signatures to save time and money from printing and mailing out contracts.


Prospect & Intake Management

Implement Leverice’s Intake App to create an organized system that retains new and prospective client details with the click of a button.

Reduce the need for in-person consultations and speed up processing new clients by creating online intake forms for new inquiries.

Once the client has entered a few simple details, Leverice’s system will open a new case file so incoming emails or documentation for the client will automatically be assigned to the correct person.

Leverice’s Intake app also reduces the need for data entry and double handling of data – decreasing the chance of error and improving efficiency throughout the firm.


Conflict Checker

Integrate the conflict checker to work alongside the Prospect & Intake Manager to ensure no clients have been duplicated in the system, and no conflicts of interest will occur. This automated process allows you to focus on helping the client, rather than manually checking for conflicts within the firm’s client database.


Lead Management

Use Leverice’s Lead Management software to prioritize the biggest opportunities from your intake forms. Find the most profitable clients that may lead to long term retainers.

Get in depth reporting to highlight the top-performing services provided by your firm. With this information, focus your marketing to find new clients for these services.

Improve the firm’s profitability by finding the right client type or referral sources.


Task & Project Management

The Task & Project Manager will automatically create a checklist and tasks for each client. Whether a small independent law firm, or a full legal enterprise, the whole team can use our legal process management software to create a simple and easy to navigate step-by-step task list.

Tasks and projects can be assigned to different coworkers or whole departments, with deadlines automatically being added to the team’s calendar.

No matter where your staff are working, they’ll always be able to be ahead of the curve by referring to their to do lists.


Client / Contact Relationship

A major part of Intake & Lead management is actually retaining these leads and building a great client relationship. Which is why Leverice’s legal management software provides an app to help you stay in the loop with client queries and messaging threads, even when you’ve been away from a case for a while. Staff can log into the relevant dashboard to find everything that has been discussed with the client, so there’s no need to waste time repeating information and double checking the data.

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  • Keep your legal matters organized using the document assembly app.
  • Streamline case communications through creating single profiles for each case and client. Staff can use the messaging board to discuss matters regarding a single client all within the platform. Use the email app to automatically categorize and file away emails to the correct case file.
  • Eliminate matter tracking headaches Track time spent on each project with the tracking app to keep to budget for the client.
  • Go paperless Integrate all of Leverice’s legal processing apps to create a streamline, in-cloud platform which will eventually allow your team to become paperless.
  • Stay productive on the go by accessing everything you need with Leverice’s in-cloud apps.
  • Stop tedious, repetitive work by allowing the document assembly and intake management tools to automatically fill in data for contracts and retainers.

Using Leverice legal apps, you can transform your firm into a collaborative and organized firm which will be the number one choice for customers. Speedy service is a client’s dream and by creating your own workflow platform which can be accessed anywhere, you’ll be able to provide your clients with a five star service every time.

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