Leverice for Education

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Leverice’s communication platform is a one-stop solution that organizes and encourages one-to-one messaging between teachers and students, while providing a space to share work, collaborate on projects and review progress.

It’s the perfect app for colleges, universities, schools, online coaching & distance learning institutions, allowing staff to move away from messy inboxes, to an organized platform. Teachers & students will be able to access the app from just about anywhere; in the library, at home or on the move. The free app is available for iOS, Android, PC & Mac.

Thinking about switching to Leverice? We will help you migrate to our platform.

Integrated video calling

Students can join a lesson from within the app. Teaching and all discussions will be held in one place.

Structured course folders

Course leaders create folders to keep course information tidy and accessible to both staff & students.

Homework assignment

Students can submit their work and communicate with teachers in dedicated, private channels allowing teachers to support students individually.

Leverice access controll to a course

Access control

Give different users different access rights to help tailor the platform to your organization.

Integrate Leverice

Use our API to integrate Leverice’s messaging capability into your existing platform for enhanced functionality.

Community for students

Creating spaces for students to connect and talk with one another can lead to increased engagement confidence and quality of work.

Leverice is transforming the way teams communicate

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