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With Leverice’s marketing project management apps, your business can finally encourage the cross-departmental productivity you’ve always dreamed of. With 360 visibility, the marketing department will never be a messy filing system of duplicated files, unnecessary catch up meetings and admin. Clients, employees and other agencies can work together to complete tasks and run campaigns easier than ever before.

Leverice’s Marketing Software Apps


Task Management

If there’s one thing that stops a marketing team working creatively, it’s burnout. So avoid the chances of an exhausted team with efficient resource and demand management: Track project progress and re-assign tasks along the way with the Task Management app. With a simple to follow activity log, detailed task lists and workflow templates, the team can work more streamlined and productively than ever before.

Set up automated, recurring tasks for the team or individuals to keep the whole project ticking over as planned.

Using the task management app, managers and employees alike can drill down from project to individual tasks to predict roadblocks or issues before they arise. Deadlines can be tracked, and staff can receive reminders about recurring tasks so that everyone works together to get the task done on time. Less time can be spent in catch up meetings and more time spent on doing what your team does best.


Agency Collaboration

It’s more than likely a project for a client is being worked on by several agencies, so using the Leverice Agency Collaboration tool can help keep things simple. Using a drag and drop interface, a shared calendar and task list, agencies can reduce costs for the client by skipping the admin meetings, offering online approval management and teams can stick to working on the campaign.

Banish version control chaos by allowing agencies to work together on single documents, rather than back and forth with emails and duplicate documents. With Leverice, everything can be kept together in the cloud with live edits available. No one will be stuck editing the wrong document again. Final assets can be held within the filing system to avoid confusion.

With Agency Collaboration, your team can manage large, complex marketing projects with ease.


Campaign Management

Use the campaign management app to ensure projects stick to budget and to track where funds and staff can be redistributed to get the best results.

Using the Campaign Management app from Leverice, the team can group campaigns together into projects or by client to see the full plan in one screen. Filtering options for campaigns can be based on audience segments, categories and time frames. Campaigns can be added to a full calendar screen to ensure the team can manage the workload while making sure each campaign has a great impact.

Invite clients to private workspaces to keep everyone in the loop at all times. Reduce the time and cost of all-agency meetings by using in-app reporting systems and files to work remotely with all stakeholders. Clients can add comments to documents, or approve assets online to speed up the process and increase productivity.


File Sharing

Keep edits and amendments all on one file to avoid duplicate content and losing track of which document is the most recent. Share files with the whole team, as well as external shareholders like clients and agencies so everyone can have full visibility of the project at all times.

File sharing has never been easier either; with drag and drop file sharing, you’ll never have to click through dozens of folders to find the right document again. Files can be approved by the client online to speed up the approval process.


Project Communication

Keep the scope, timeline and budget clear and visible to the whole team with the Project Communication app. Streamline the way you work as a team using messaging boards for everyday communication, file sharing for collaborating with agencies, and an open-to-all task list.

Use the in-app project calendar to lay out the tasks to complete, budgets to stick to, and the files needed to understand resource management and where staff can be redistributed when deadlines are near.
Management can get complete visibility of all the projects currently on the go: View the company’s full marketing calendar to deep dive into single projects and campaigns to understand the year’s budget and track the performance of campaigns in a single dashboard.


Marketing Operations

The marketing operations app makes reporting and management simple. Teams can use the app to create structured workflow management templates to improve productivity, as well as running intuitive reports of the effectiveness of campaigns, progress reports and much more.

Management can keep track of everything at a glance and demonstrate success to key stakeholders along the way.

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Using Leverice’s digital marketing management apps, your team can benefit from fully customizable tools and templates to manage complex marketing projects day to day. With daily digest reports, each member of the team can start the day motivated and ready to complete their to-do list. You can even access everything you need on the go with the Leverice management mobile app, so that no matter where the team is, they can have full visibility.

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