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Use Leverice to help your business create what your customers need, faster. With real-time chat you can get straight to the point. No need for the small talk that comes with a phone call or the formality of an email. Our in-cloud platform lets your team create product roadmaps, consolidate customer feedback and keeps everyone on the same page throughout the process.

You can even invite your key customers & partners to collaborate directly with your team. The time-consuming backwards-and-forwards drops dramatically and trust & satisfaction levels go way up.

How work happens in Leverice:

  • All unread messages are consolidated in one easy-to-find place, allowing busy employees to quickly catch-up between meetings or at the end of the day.
  • Employees in different time zones can work asynchronously, effortlessly.
  • Collaboration is seamless, leading to increased productivity and staff well-being.
Thinking about switching to Leverice? We will help you migrate to our platform.

Structured team communication

Create unlimited channels and subchannels to structure your team communication. Information remains neatly structured, easy to find & conversations stay on topic.

Unlimited messaging history for free

Leverice gives unlimited access to all messages and files history, for free, forever. You can search your team’s conversation history to find relevant messages, files, channels, and people.

GitHub Integration

Thanks to GitHub integration in Leverice you can:

  • Get updated about what’s happening with your repositories in Leverice channels/subchannels.
  • Structure your repositories in the most efficient way.
  • Share the details with your team about GitHub activities.
  • Enable interactivity with slash commands.

TeamCity Integration

TeamCity and Leverice app integration helps you:

  • Get realtime updates in Leverice about changes on all projects, builds and updates that take place.
  • Organize the structure of your projects, builds in the most suitable way.
  • Send messages via incoming webhooks.
  • Add slash commands.

Jira Integration

With Jira integration, you’ll see an events stream that updates in realtime with what’s happening in Jira, so you can immediately comment on items in your Workspace without switching between different platforms.

Leverice is transforming the way teams communicate

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