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As the world moves into a new normal: with social distancing and online learning set to be the standard, online education software and course management is in high demand.

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Leverice’s Education platform encourages and organizes communication between teachers and students, while providing a space to share work, collaborate on projects and review processes. It’s the perfect app for educational institutions such as colleges and universities, as well as students in middle school and above.

Through the learning platform, classes can maintain some level of normality by having face-to-face lectures and seminars through Leverice’s Zoom integration. This tool is also perfect for night schoolers who tend to study classes long distance.



With Leverice’s Education authoring software, everything you need to teach, study or complete online learning modules can be built into one streamlined system. No longer will sharing screens, emailing documents and making sure everyone receives the right information before the deadline be a dreaded part of the job. Leverice improves project management and ensures everyone can access the right information at the right time.

Information on the online education tool can be shared to multiple class folders and groups or kept private for just lecturers.

The channel administrator has the power to invite members to their workspaces while managing members and even deactivating them when work is complete or modules are dropped.

How does Leverice’s Education App Work?


For Course Leaders

Course leaders will be automatically set as workspace administrators, and can set up folders for lecturers, groups and classes based on student timetables prior to the academic year starting. This allows both lecturers and students to start the year off right; getting into the details straight away, rather than struggling with admin issues.

You will also have access to course engagement tracking tools which will allow you see what areas of the course are most popular, and which require improvement. Course leaders can use this information to identify how to reshape and develop the course for upcoming years.


For Lecturers

Lecturers are also created as workspace administrators so that they can split their classes into small groups for seminars or project work. Lecturers can upload course materials into a central filing system for all to see, while also creating smaller groups for specific modules or areas of study.

For assignments, lecturers will no longer need to keep a manual checklist of submissions; teachers can create a Home Assignments folder for each student in their class in which both the lecturer and student can upload work, provide feedback and discuss improvements or answer questions.

Lecturers will naturally find it easier to identify students that require personal coaching and additional support earlier, to keep them up to speed with the course.


For Students

Students will be able to access the elearning software from just about anywhere. Whether they are in the library, at home or commuting. The free download app is suitable for iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, and Android. Students can have 1 to 1 tuition via zoom or in their designated Home Assignment folder so that they can feel fully supported in their learning.

When term starts, students will be able to access all the folders they need for their course – ultimately providing them with the reassurance they need to settle into their new course.

Learners will have access to messaging boards with other students on their course or in their project groups to encourage student collaboration and allow other pupils to help them with their questions.
Overall, students will feel supported 24/7 by lecturers and other people on their course.

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How is it structured?


Course Folders

Course leaders will create a course folder to keep course information tidy and accessible to all students. The filing system allows the leader to create an easy-to-follow hierarchy of course materials, class demonstrations and group assignments so that your students can access exactly what you need them to whenever and wherever.

Within Course Folders, workspace admins – such as module lecturers – can build online learning courses and upload presentations or missed lecture notes to improve and enhance students’ skills. Extra-curricular activities and training can be set up for students looking to get the most out of their online course, too.

The robust filing system enables course leaders/lecturers to build complex, personalized learning paths for classes or specific students and to deliver great learning experiences for everyone.


Lecturer Folders

Lecturers for different modules can share work between themselves to create valuable courses for their students. Use the Lecturer space to discuss potential work examples and referencing texts so that students can work with fewer texts in more detail throughout their course. Lecturer folders will only be accessible by admins and are not only easy-to-use, but also quick to set up.


Group Folders

Workspace administrators can create group folders together to separate classes for seminars and small group work. This is where the student-teacher collaboration will really take place. Students will be able to access both course and group folders to ensure that they have all the documentation they need to get their work done.


Creating a new Class

Creating a new class channel allows students of particular sets and modules to view folders that are specific to them. This provides course leaders more structured communication with students, while providing learners a clearer, more streamlined system to work from, rather than getting lost in the filing system.
Experts within the field can be invited by workspace administrators to join new classes, and empower your students with access to new learning and valuable knowledge from the industry.


Home Assignments – A tool for testing and assignments

Lecturers use the Education content authoring tool for testing and creating assignments for students to work through at home. This can be for individual work or group projects. By sharing information through Leverice’s Education software, organized student collaboration can be encouraged every step of the way: Lecturers will create a Home Assignment group, where students can submit their assignment work directly to their lecturer without sharing with the rest of the class. The course leader and student can discuss feedback, comments and queries privately within their home assignment folder so that students have access to support 24/7.

What about businesses?

Leverice’s Education platform is designed to work for any enterprise. Whether you’re an academic institution or an extended enterprise looking to train staff and customers quickly, the system is perfect for you.

Authors of e-learning courses can create high-quality content for staff and team members which can be accessed from anywhere. Whether you’re a HR department looking to keep staff compliant with the latest regulations for health & safety certificates, or want to provide training to customers using your new software, Leverice’s simple to use E-learning management system can help you create simple online courses in no time.

Make positive changes to your post-pandemic learning process. Make online learning easier than ever for both students and lecturers with Leverice’s in-cloud Education software.

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