Fix your tech team communication with deep-threaded messaging

Thursday, September 10th (2PM ET / 8PM CET)
Rodion Zhitomirsky
Founder & Chief Creative Officer
Daniel Velton
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
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Learn how deep-threaded messaging increases productivity

Setting up effective communication within a development team is a challenge, especially when a project manager needs to bring together a distributed team with most members working remotely. In such cases choosing the right team communication tool becomes a decisive factor that determines how quickly and productively your team will solve project related tasks.

Popular messaging tools used by tech teams nowadays generally cover the basic communicative function. But as project communication becomes more complex they start revealing common drawbacks:

  • Lack of messaging structure (at a certain point teams start to drown in multiple chats and channels with no distinct structure, which leads to distractions and stress)
  • Disconnect from business processes with a sharp dividing line between messaging and workflows

We’d like to invite you to our webinar where we’ll demonstrate how we solved these problems and brought team communication and IT project management to a new level of quality using Leverice – the first tree structure team messaging platform designed to bring order and clarity to your communications. It’s already helping numerous teams across the globe (including ours) and is there to bring value to your team.

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