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ConstellR moves to Leverice from Slack

September 16, 20204 min read

ConstellR’s team were using Slack and were looking for an alternative due to issues with messaging history and lack of deep structure in Slack. Finally, they switched to Leverice when we launched our iOS app.

ConstellR logo with Slack and Leverice

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Using miniaturization technology, ConstellR will realize the world’s first high-resolution infrared monitoring system to create a daily global map of our planet’s surface temperature. Similar to existing data providers in the Earth Observation (EO) market, including Digital Globe, Airbus, or Planet, we will record and process recorded imagery to become analytics-ready for value-added service providers. This will enable them to improve (agriculture) and better predict crop yield (commodity market), to timely observe environmental changes (insurances), or to perform remote infrastructure monitoring (oil and gas). The data will be made available via a pay-per-use model and an API-based subscription model.

Max Gulde
CEO | ConstellR
Leverice helps us coordinate a multinational team developing an advanced space project. The well-thought-of features, the intuitive workflow, and excellent support make Leverice our #1 communication platform.

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