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Mainstage Incubator migrated from Slack to Leverice

January 28, 20214 min read


Mainstage Incubator was founded with the Vision to build bi-directional “Innovation Bridges” starting with India & Germany. Mainstage Incubator helps startups scale 10x faster into new markets by providing support in Customer Acquisition, Fundraising and Ecosystem Connectivity. It soon became a global ecosystem. The company invests occasionally into high-potential / high-growth early stage startups as well.

Why do we use communication platforms

“Being a fully digital company with employees spread across the Globe, it is key to have a centralized communication platform. The need for team-based digitally connected work environments becomes crucial to productivity and growth. Instant messaging makes updates on projects and general team discussion much easier. This is a great way to discuss something that critically impacts your team”.



“We mostly used Slack for internal and external communication. But more problems appeared when we started to use it actively. When you have several people chatting, the information you need can get buried quickly. It can be hard to keep track of what’s going on. Slack was useful for quickly checking on things, but we found that it was a troublesome channel for big-picture discussions. Chaotic and concurrent conversations happening inside a single Slack channel led to losing track of things”.


“After counting all the pros and cons we decided to try with Leverice. The platform has tree-structured communication channels which allowed us to keep all channels neat and tidy. So everything  stays organized around the topics. You can limit channels or group chats to the right people involved in a project or make it public. By the way, Leverice’s team helped us to move from Slack to Leverice with saving all messaging history and threads. Of course, this made it possible to quickly adapt to the platform. The list of applications you can use with Leverice is constantly growing, and they are adding new services all the time”.


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Mac Chhatriwala
VP Product & Marketing
Mac brings his experience of building teams and digital products for fast growing companies in UK, US and Asia to his role as VP Product and Marketing for Leverice. He lives in a small town near Oxford and most of his working day is spent on Zoom calls from his garden!

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