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EFFECTIVE TIME-MANAGEMENT: The core skillset of 21st century

November 8, 20216 min read

Do you agree with Michael Altshuler, Peak Performance & Sales Expert, who says, “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” 

Indeed, we are always in a hurry in our daily life. Time is generally considered a very crucial component of our lives in the 21st century we are living in. In a world full of distractions, it becomes very difficult to control every minute of our lives. We understand that we need to keep track of our activities to work smarter, not harder. This will ultimately increase our performance and efficiency in the workplace environment and help us in achieving a better work-life balance.

What is time management?

Time management is the skillset required by individuals to utilize their time in the most effective and efficient way and complete their day-to-day errands. Various groups of society need this skill in order to achieve their goals. For instance, a student needs to manage his/her time for scheduling their classes and assignments whereas an employee needs to schedule his/her time for meetings and work hours. However, a common focal point between these 2 groups is taking out time for family or personal life. Better time management adds on to value creation in each and every task an individual undertakes in his area of profession. 

Below are a few reasons for you to start focusing on Time Management:

Increased Productivity

Managing one’s time can lead to higher productivity by allocating the required amount of time for particular tasks. This can be done by making a schedule and setting clear expectations and deadlines for each task to ensure that work is completed on time. Breaking down large tasks into smaller tasks during the time when you are most productive and having periodic breaks makes it easier for an individual to concentrate. It also ensures better planning and organizing of work.

Leverice is a messaging platform that makes the team communication efficient and helps to focus on the tasks avoiding the fear of missing something important and mitigates distractions. Everyone may improve time-management skills with the help of Leverice and increase his or her own productivity and productivity of the whole team. By using the unique features of Leverice, you can manage your tasks by making priorities and following them to meet the goals.

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Increased Efficiency

Effective time-management helps you to focus on the important stuff and eliminate distractions. It also helps to multi-task by focusing on the right things. No longer is the need to regularly check workspace tools for updates.

The deep nesting and channel hierarchy of Leverice helps in quick and easy communication in the workspace environment by splitting it into micro and micro-micro topics. It allows the user to decide fast and easily which channel to focus and which not to. This results in efficient work and aids in attaining a balance between professional and personal lives.

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Few tips for effective Time-Management:

  • Set SMART goals to attain the most within the required amount of time.
  • Setting time for a particular task can be fun if you appreciate or pamper yourself post its completion.
  • Take regular breaks or intervals between work to avoid monotonous schedules.
  • Planning ahead ensures focus and organized work.
  • Using technology tools for business management helps in monitoring and assessing one’s activities.

Overall, there is no definite mantra for effective Time-Management. It is a skill which can be mastered by having a schedule and list of priorities to work upon. Nowadays there are a number of tools to guide you through this process.

Sanjana Mookim
Sales & Marketing Executive
Sanjana is a third-year Undergraduate student pursuing her Bachelor of Business Administration from SP Jain School of Global Management specializing in marketing. As a person, Sanjana is always enthusiastic to try out new things and expand her knowledge as well as skillsets. She deeply believes in “Nothing worth having comes in Easy”.

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